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1978 – Founder was established and engaged in sand-casting.

1983 – Producing by Automatic Machine and focused on mechanical components research.

1984 – Expand our business & factory and gravity-casting instead of sand-casting in production line.

1986 – Extend to export market. Major in indirect trade and self developed

1993 – Mass production in BBQ furnace & outdoor furniture and change to major in direct trade as focused in Japan market.

1999 – 2nd factory building and join to Europe market. Major in indoor furniture and body fat counter.

2000 – Obtain ISO 9001 2000 identification

2001 – Obtain IWAY and 4-sip identification from IKEA.

2005 – Lugang Factory set up

2006 – Pass audit for IWAY of IKEA and ISO 9001 2000 identification

2007 - Move to Lugang

2008 - ISO 9001 2008 identification

2010 - Lean production training

2012 - Using robots for automatic machining/packaging

2014 - ISO 50001 identification/ In house powder coating /solar panel set up

2014 - Attend imm cologne(Hall 5.1/C070)/The museum(MOFIT) building has been completed.

2015 - Attend imm cologne(Hall 8.1/CO25)

2016 - Attend imm cologne(Hall 8.1/CO25) / get the Changhua Happiness company award-5 star level

2017 - Attend imm cologne(Hall 8.1/CO25)

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Code of Conduct

To practice six main guidelines - “Ethic, human rights, security, eco-friendly, beneficence, efficiency” as the code of conduct to lead, manage and discipline all employees.

Employees, clients or sub-suppliers, once found out the ongoing violations, shall report to Founder managing department in written form. The form should content specific information (who, what, where, when) of the violations. The reporter and whoever involved in the investigation will be protected and kept under wraps.

Receiving Unit & Tel.: Managing department / +886-4-7811967

E-mail Address: [email protected]

Submit Documentation: Documentation shall be sent to Managing department by mails or e-mails.

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